Alex Cameron is the only brother who isn't married. Because of the secret he carries, he vows never to get married. But when he hires Susan Zalinsky as his assistant, he finds it hard to remember his determination to remain a bachelor. Susan knows she's the best assistant Alex has ever had. She also knows he finds her just as attractive as she finds him. Why won't he admit what they both know, that they want each other desperately? What is the secret that's keeping them apart? 

Anne Wentworth has been responsible all her life. She cares for her sister who is ill and she is a registered nurse. Suddenly, in a miraculous twist of fate, she finds herself on a cruise ship with Justin Cameron, a man she has loved forever. Justin is the youngest of the Cameron brothers and has always been the charmer. But a tour in Afghanistan and a broken engagement has turned his lighthearted charm into cynicism. Can Anne find a way to convince him that her love is real?  

The Medieval Knight's Lady

James wants what his wife won't give him.  A son.

Elizabeth wants nothing to do with sex.

One restless night, James meets a beautiful woman who seems to be a lying thief.  He discovers Alaina is trying to save her father. Against every belief he holds, James falls in love with Alaina.  They create their own world to stay safe and yet the outside world will intrude, first to castigate Alaina and then to bully the son that is born from their love.  Still, they believe their love is so strong that nothing can destroy them.  Then James is murdered.  Who has taken his life along with the brass key that is the symbol of the life he craved as a rich man?   His son Jordan is determined to find out.  It doesn't take him long.  But he's too young to accuse the killer, who is rich and respected.  No one will believe him.  He must wait until he is a grown man.  Then his time will come.  When it does, he will use and betray a beautiful woman who loves him to achieve the revenge he craves.  In the end, can Diana forgive him for using her and show him how wrong he is to cast her aside?

To Be released in December.

The third book in The Medieval Knight Series: The Medieval Knight's Heroic Bride.

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Wanting Hunter

The Cameron Family Saga

Romance Novels by Shirley Larson

One Magic Night

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A Cowboy for Lynne: The Cameron Family Saga continues

Forbidden Love, Forever Love.

Deception at Midnight

Hunter Cameron is a tough, self-made millionaire who at seventeen stepped in to be a surrogate father for his siblings when his dad died.  He built his empire on honesty.  He vowed long ago never to date actresses because they lie for a living.  But when Liz Farnsworth comes into his life, he finds his world turned upside down.

Liz worked hard to become a Broadway star.  When she meets gorgeous, sexy, and exciting Hunter, she is captivated.  Can she convince Hunter to change his tune?

Deborah is a modern woman who is mocked by her peers.  She is a student of medieval history and longs to live in that time.  A magic ring transports her straight into the arms of a medieval knight who is all man.  Deborah will learn things about living in medieval times she could never learn from a book.  

Debra feels the universe is against her.  She wears a back brace and is mocked by her fellow college students.  Studying is her only escape.  Professor Rogen Maris takes an interest in her and she promptly falls in love with him.  But he is out of her reach.  She asks Venus to take her back to the Middle Ages.  With the help of her mother's ring, her wish is granted, but once there, her own life and the life the knight she loves is in danger.  She has to make a decision.  Should she stay here with the knight she loves, or save his life?

Forbidden Love, Forever Love.

The Clinton Family Mystery 

Featured novel of the month.

Catriona Morgan is a professional singer who lives in Chicago and she is in desperate straits. She needs twenty thousand dollars. The only person she knows who could loan her that kind of money is Logan Blake, a rich rancher from Wyoming...and her former lover.
Logan surprises her by offering her a job on his ranch working cattle, thinking she will never accept. She astounds him by taking his job offer. But when she bravely accepts every challenge he throws her way and then melts in his arms during a thunderstorm, he find it harder and harder to resist her.
Can these two lovers find their way back to each other again, or will the Wyoming life and another woman come between them?

Trisha Flannery was once a young and carefree girl who at the age of thirteen fell head over heels in love with fifteen year old city boy rebel, Jord Deverone. Now, at twenty-seven, Trisha is a responsible young woman who runs a farm and is the legal guardian of her sister's boy, Jamie.
Jord Deverone is a hard-driving executive who brooks no dishonesty in his business dealings, or in his private life. Women, both married and unmarried pursue him, and they have given him a cynical outlook on women and love.  the irony is the one woman he has ever cared for believes to be utterly without principles.  It will take all his skills as a CEO and a man to convince Trisha of his integrity. 

JILTED?  Oh, Yeah.  The same week her father was sentenced to spend twenty years in prison for embezzlement.  Could things get any worse?  Of course they could.  She could go to a charity ball and meet the sexiest man on the planet only to find out he was married.

What was left?  Accidentaly rub a magic ring and be propelled into the fifteenth century?  Of course. 

There she would meet the sexiest man of his time, a knight named Nicholas.  Never had she been treated with such consideration.  Never had she spent one magical night under the stars drenched in daisies, sex and love. But Nicholas was betrothed to a woman who would bring peace to his corner of the world.  Lorelei had to choose.  Nicholas's happiness...or her own. 

Branded by Passion

What's the matter?  Didn't your little game plan work the way you thought it would?  Didn't Claire Foster's daughter fall into your arms the way she was supposed to?  After all, her mother was the most willing and ready sex symbol in Hollywood.

Leigh Carlow thought the past was behind her.  She'd found a place in a tiny rural town three thousand miles away from Hollywood.  She taught school, she had friends, she had a quiet life...until Ty Rundell came crashing in to it with his faulty brakes and his beautiful face.  He was an ex-stunt man turned writer and producer and he wanted to lay her private life out for the world to see.  She had to stop him.  But she hadn't realized he could be tender, compassionate, and make her want him with a fierceness she hadn't felt since her last love affair.

Ty Rundell knew Leigh would be beautiful.  But he hadn't expected to be caught in her spell from the first moment he saw her.  Here she was, tucked away in her safe life, where her beauty and brilliance shown like a beacon.  She was tempting him to forget about his career.  Could sacrifice a wonderful money making project for this woman who kept pushing him away?

Lynne Cameron is on top of the world. She is a Broadway star. But with that stardom comes a terrible price. She has attracted the attention of a despicable man who wants to possess her. Can she break free from this monster and trust the love Jake has for her?

ake Rutledge owns a multi-million dollar cattle ranch in Florida. He sees Lynne on stage and falls in love with her. Unfortunately he is not completely honest with her. He lets her believe he's a simple ranch hand. When she finds out the truth, she has trouble believing that his feelings for her are real.

The Medieval Knight

The Summer of Jamie's Secret

Innocence, Chopin and Secrets.  So many secret lives in the Hightower, lives that begin on that terrible night in Alton when the brothers,  Brandon and Jamessee a man murdered. Secrets that multiply when Catherine Harrison, their childhood playmate, grows up to be an outspoken antagonist against slavery. Now she and Brandon are on opposing sides, or so Catherine thinks. She believes him to be a conservative lawyer who lounges in his father’s office and spends most of his time upholding the law of the land that she hates so passionately. How he grew up to be the kind of man she particularly dislikes is beyond her comprehension.

Brandon  is caught in the trap of his own making.  He needs to appear to be exactly the unfeeling person Catherine thinks he is, a bored, spoiled man who works to uphold the law she despises. His very life depends on keeping his secret safe from her.

Deception At Midnight is full of intrigue, mystery and romance.