"Break up with me?  How can you break up with me?  You were never with me!"

Samantha Black is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who has loved Tate Kincaid, the son of a neighboring wealthy rancher, since they were in kindergarten.  She believed he loved her and would ask her to marry him.  But he chose a beautiful blond girl to be his steady girlfriend and eventually his wife. 

Samantha went two thousand miles away from her hometown and became a successful teacher.  She also became a mother to the son of her friend who was killed in a car accident.  She has Josh to think about now.

Tate Kincaid's marriage is short lived.  Now much older, and alone, he realizes, when Samantha returns to her home town that he has made a huge mistake.  He loves Samantha.

But she is aware of her new responsibility to Josh and is not so eager to forgive Tate.  Can Tate convince to forget the past and love him as she once did?

A stand alone sequel to To Touch the Fire, reprinted as I'll Never Say I Love You and in Kindle, This Love Will Go On.


One Night In Paradise


                         SHIRLEY LARSON

Paradise.  Key West.  Not exactly Paradise for Laura Brown.

She is working undercover with the police to find the men who manufacture counterfeit parts for boats and airplanes, and everything depends on keeping her real identity a secret.  She has hired Peter Wolfe to be her mechanic on the old yacht she's pretending to restore, not realizing that he is the brother of the famous investigative novelist, Jarrod Wolfe.  Jarrod has written four bestsellers, two of them based on trouble within wealthy families.  Laura is sure he'd love to know what her trouble is.  She has to keep away from him.  Yet his sexual magnetism draws her.  He is tall, gorgeous and witty.  More and more she falls under his spell.  Now she has two worries, how to keep Jarrod from finding out what she is involved in, and keeping Jarrod safe, away from her trouble.  She can't let him know about the criminals she's trying to catch or he could get hurt or killed.

Jarrod Wolfe has never met a woman like Laura Brown.  She acts sweet and unspoiled one minute and then lobs witticisms back at him the next.  She poses as a money-hungry woman, but when he offers her a large sum of money, she tears up the check and lets it blow into the ocean.  He can't find her name on the internet.  She has him totally mystified.  She has also bewitched him.  He finds he wants to kiss her, and more, at every opportunity.  He's known for uncovering mysteries, but he can't unravel the mystery of Laura.

Can't Get You Out of My Mind